Leave The Mulching To Us

Mulching the landscape beds around your home is one of the most labor intensive landscaping necessities there is.  Save your back, use ours.  We’ll spread the mulch.

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Delivery and Installation

Susquehanna Lawn Care added a dump truck to our fleet in late 2019 to better serve our landscaping clients.

When you hire us to perform your mulch service, we handle everything from the delivery of the material, to the bed preparation, installation of the mulch, and of course, clean up.

Fresh Mulch Pops!

A large landscape bed filled with small shrubs, seasonal flowers, and a small tree. The mulch in the landscape bed has been refreshed and the shrubs have been neatly pruned by Susquehanna Lawn Care.

Mulch Refreshing

Most commonly we refresh, or top dress, landscape beds with a fresh layer of mulch.

Before any mulch is spread, we re-define the bed edges to retain the mulch within the beds and pull any existing weeds.

It is also recommended to prune your plants before installing your fresh material.

Every mulch service includes:

  • Delivery
  • Prep Work
  • Installation
  • Cleanup

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

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General Landscaping

Our mulch installation and plant pruning services are the most highly requested.  Let us know if you have a different landscaping need.

A large landscape bed running along the edge of a large home. The landscape bed has been serviced by Susquehanna Lawn Care and they have top dressed the mulch and pruned all the shrubs and small trees.

Flower Bed Weeding

An important step in a thorough mulch service is to completely remove all existing weeds.  We also treat for future weeds.

A landscape bed with fresh mulch surrounded a freshly pruned small tree.