Professional Plant Pruning

Pruning, when done properly and on a regular schedule, keeps your plants healthy and looking their best.

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Shrub Care

We prune shrubs of all shapes, sizes, and types:

Boxwood, roses, evergreens, and more.

We also trim trees under 10′ tall and cut back perennials and ornamental grasses.

Before any pruning service is considered complete, we clean up our mess!

Before and After

A before and after comparison of shrubs. In the before, the shrubs are overgrown and shapeless. In the after, Susquehanna Lawn Care has expertly pruned the shrub back to their natural, healthy shape.

Prune Plants To Keep Them Healthy

When you prune your plants 2-3 times per year, it allows for less material to be removed during each pruning session.  The less material that is removed from the plants, the less shock they experience.

We are also careful to not remove any future flower blooms!

Pruning tools we use:

  • Hand Pruners
  • Loppers
  • Shears
  • Hedge Trimmers

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Small Tree Pruning

We are also licensed and insured to prune trees and low-hanging branches no more than 10′ in height.  We can also cut up and remove downed trees.

A before and after comparison of the Susquehanna Lawn Care's tree pruning service. In the before photo, a small tree is in the process of being pruned and is surrounded by fallen branches. In the after, the tree has been expertly trimmed and all fallen branches have been cleared away.

Overgrown Plant Pruning

Our pruning services are not limited to the well-maintained plants in your landscape beds.  Over time, plants tend to outgrow their space.  We can bring that back to a manageable size.

A before taken of a overgrown fence line before Susquehanna Lawn Care performed their shrub pruning service.

Fence Line Cleanup

Below is a picture taken after pruning back the plant material along a fence line in the backyard of a customer’s home in Rising Sun, Maryland. It really made a big difference!

A after photo of a overgrown fence line after Susquehanna Lawn Care's pruning service. All the shrubs have been neatly pruned to a even level.