Spring Lawn Care Services

We offer spring cleanups to get your lawn and landscape whipped into shape for the growing season.

Having an opportunity to take great pictures of flowers and butterflies is an added bonus when you are a landscaper!

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Spring Cleanups

Our favorite time of the year!

There is a lot happening in the lawns and landscapes in Maryland each spring. Let us help you stay on top of it all by handling any or all of the yard work for you.

Our spring clean service consists of whatever is needed to prepare your lawn and landscape for the growing season. Most often we pick up remaining leaves and debris from the winter months.

Overgrowth Management

A before and after comparison of the difference a spring cleanup from Susquehanna Lawn Care makes. In the first photo, the grass is overgrown and the trees are long and shapeless. Afterwards, the grass has been mowed and the trees have been pruned.

Lawns and Landscapes

Our spring lawn services extend to your landscaping as well.

As the weather begins to warm up each spring, the lawn and landscape is often top of mind and there is usually a lot to do to prepare them for the growing season ahead.

Spring services can include:

  • 1st Mowing Service
  • Seasonal Flowers
  • General Cleanup
  • Pruning

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Flowers and Butterflies

Perfect example of a butterfly we were able to capture a photo of up close in a flower bed.

A brown and khaki colored butterfly resting on a pink flower.

Spring Lawn Edging

Defining your lawn’s edges in the spring makes for smooth sailing the rest of the season.

A edger resting on a side walk that is in the process of being edged by Susquehanna Lawn Care.

Seasonal Flowers

This is why we love the spring! We can’t stop snapping photos of all the beautiful flowers we come across.

A bright red flower surrounded by green leaves.