Commercial Snow Removal Services

24/7 emergency snow services.

We take your grounds’ safety seriously.

Susquehanna Lawn Care offers commercial snow removal services 24/7 during snow emergencies.  We are a small, local business and do not currently offer residential snow shoveling services.  Thanks for understanding.

The word 'snow' written in light blue.

Snow and Ice Management

Snow removal is not something we play around with at Susquehanna Lawn Care.

When you contract us as your snow removal service provider, you can rest assured our trained professionals will be on-call and ready to snap into action no matter the day or time over the winter months.

Snow emergencies come when you least expect it. Make sure you are prepared.

Snow Plowing

A Susquehanna Lawn Care's snow plower clearing snow in the middle of the night.

24 Hour Snow Services

Rock steady reliability during snow events and safety-minded drivers along with well-maintained trucks and snow plows is how we keep our commercial clients’ properties safe for customers and employees alike.

When it starts to stick and build up, we drop our plows and push it off your lot.

Our snow removal services include:

  • Snow Plowing
  • Entrance Clearing
  • Walkway Shoveling
  • Salt Spreading
  • De-Icing Services

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

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Snow Shoveling

We don’t just plow snow, we also shovel snow and use snow blowers as needed to keep all parts of your property safe, not just the parking lot.

No matter the day or time, making our clients’ properties safe for visitors and employees is all that is on our mind.

A parking lot in the process of being shoveled.

Parking Lot Clearing

Sunday? At 3:00 AM? On Christmas? Yes, Yes, and Yes!

We are very serious when it comes to snow removal. We take the responsibility personally and will do anything and everything we can to keep your business operating like normal during snow events.

A snow and ice covered parking lot before Susquehanna Lawn Care cleared it of all winter dangers.

Salt Spreading

We spread salt over parking lots, walkways, and entrances to keep your property safe for those in vehicles and on foot. Calcium and other salt alternatives are available if desired.

When it gets slick, we put an end to it quick.

A parking lot that has been cleared of all snow and ice by Susquehanna Lawn Care.