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From lawn mowing to filling in bare spots with new grass seed, we can make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood.

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Lawn Maintenance Services

Did you ever wonder how those stripes got in your neighbor’s lawn?  

They hired a professional mowing service like us.  You are in luck!  We want to do the same thing to your lawn.  Our commercial lawn mowers will leave your lawn looking like it just got a manicure.  Straight lines, crisp edges, and not a blade of grass left behind is what our lawn mowing service is all about.


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Lawn Mowing Cleveland TN

Every mowing service Susquehanna Lawn Care performs includes mowing, trimming, edging, and blowing off of the clippings.

Grass Trimming and Edging

Lawn Mowing

Everything you could possibly want in a mowing service and more.  That is what you get when you hire Susquehanna Lawn Care to be in charge of your lawn maintenance.  Experience the difference of how your lawn makes you feel when it is professionally maintained.

Lawn Aerating

Core aerating is where it is at if you are into having a super healthy lawn.  We certainly are at Susquehanna Lawn Care and we love finding other local lawn fanatics to perform this service for.

Core lawn aerating consists of pulling thousands of plugs from your lawn’s soil.  This allows water and nutrients to travel deeper into your soil and your turf’s root system will dig deep to retrieve them.

Core Aerating Service
Grass Seeding Service Near Me

Over Seeding

We overseed bare spots in lawns, entire existing lawns, and even brand new lawns when given the opportunity.  Overseeding simply refers to seeding a lawn that already has existing grass.  The purpose is to thicken up any thin or bare spot to limit the opportunity for weeds to enter your lawn.

Consider having us overseed your lawn after an aeration or dethatching service, both of these prepare the soil well to sow grass seed.

Turf Dethatching

Thatch is natural and all thatch is not bad!  All thatch is, is plant material, mainly old grass blades, laying on top of your soil surface slowing breaking down and working their way back into your soil as nutrients.  The problem is if this thatch layer gets too thick it will keep enough water from reaching your soil beneath.

If your thatch layer is becoming too thick, we highly recommend having this service performed for the health of your lawn.

Turf Dethatching Service
Overgrown Lawn and Landscape management

Related Lawn Services

We know lawns and landscapes can get a little out of control rather quickly.  No worries though, if your lawn or plants have gotten too tall or big for you to tackle yourself, we are happy to offer a helping hand.

We go into more detail on our leaf removal service on our landscaping service page if you are in need of that service.


Lawn Professionals

Most often there is a right and wrong way to do certain lawn care tasks.  We do it the right way.


Licensed & Insured

For your protection, we are licensed and insured to perform lawn services in Maryland.


Free Estimates

All of our quotes are free, fast, and come with no obligation.  We would like a chance to earn your business.

Cleveland TN Lawn Services

Continuing Education

As a member of the Maryland Turf Council, we regularly attend courses to keep our CUE’s up to date.


Professional Equipment

We can’t blame you for not wanting to push that push mower around anymore!  We have professional equipment for professional results.


100% Satisfaction

We love what we do and it shows with every service we perform.  Any issues and we will make it right.

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Lawn Care Reviews Cleveland TNWould definitely recommend Susquehanna Lawn Care! Always does an amazing job with our yard! Very friendly and hard working!

Samantha Jill | Facebook Lawn Care Review | Perryville, MD

We want to be your lawn care service for years to come.  Please let us know how we can earn your business today.

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